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May 15, 2008

The fix that fixes nothing, part II

To go with the 17 profiles in non-courage who voted to support the insupportable budget repair bill, add, from the Assembly, Reps. Joan Ballweg (R–Markesan, my state representative, who will be hearing from me about this), Garey Bies (R–Sister Bay), J.A. Hines (R–Oxford), Steve Kestell (R–Elkhart Lake), Phil Montgomery (R–Green Bay), Jeffrey Mursau (R–Crivitz), Al Ott (R–Forest Junction), Gary Tauchen (R–Bonduel), John Townsend (R–Fond du Lac), Karl Van Roy (R–Green Bay), and Steve Wieckert (R–Appleton), who helped make up the 51–46 (wrong-headed) majority.

Of those 51 Yes votes, 31 came from Republicans. If you wonder what the difference between Republicans and Democrats is in those 31 cases, well, you're not alone. In fact, instead of Republicans and Democrats, this is an example of the Majority Party and the Minority Party — the Majority Party being made up of Senate Democrats, all but one of whom voted for approval, and Assembly Republicans, 31 of whom voted for approval.

Those 31 Republicans had better not say one word of complaint should they lose their reelection bids this fall, because they just demonstrated that, in their cases, if voters are looking for fiscal restraint and responsibility, they're looking in the wrong place. Then again, as I had to note before, cutting taxes and spending is nearly culturally impossible in the People's Republic of Wisconsin.

The motto of this state is "Forward." When has that been less appropriate than now?

NOTE: The first version of this post incorrectly identified Rep. John Nygren (R–Marinette) as voting for the budget repair bill, when he voted against it. My apologies to Rep. Nygren.


Anonymous said...

John Nygren voted against the Budget Repair Bill!

Steve Prestegard said...

That has been corrected on the post.