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May 6, 2008

Analyses of the Day

First, the Washington Post asks eight questions about today’s Democratic presidential primaries in Indiana and North Carolina. The eight questions (go there to get the Post’s answers):
  1. Has Obama put the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy behind him?
  2. Will the gas tax holiday proposal help or hurt Clinton?
  3. Will a Clinton win in either contest guarantee that the race will go to the convention?
  4. After today, which state will be most important in determining the Democratic contest?
  5. Is there a person whose endorsement could make a difference in the race?
  6. If Obama wins the nomination, can he win working-class white votes in November?
  7. If Clinton wins the nomination, will black voters support the Democratic ticket?
  8. Who do Republican leaders see as the tougher opponent — Obama or Clinton?
Then, New York Magazine has a piece analyzing the media’s crush on Obama. As you know, crushes usually end badly.

(Both analyses brought to you by Charlie Sykes.)

New York also has, for those who like presidential candidate trivia, the Electopedia, which encompasses everything from political accomplishments to high school and college grades (“McCain: Disrespected His Elders,” which doesn’t go over well at the service academies) to “Marital Issues” (“Clinton: Where to Begin …” the understatement of, well, you can’t count that far back) to diet preferences (“Obama: Hold the Beets”).

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