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April 15, 2008

Presidential Campaign Analysis of the Day

Click HERE. These are the punch lines:
Senator Obama’s response to the problem is the classic idea that it was the wrong people trying to promise the changes. Senator Obama has bought into what his followers have been saying about him. He has come to believe that he is on a Messianic mission to save the people using government as the tool. He believes that he can deliver “Change” .

Senator Obama classically misses the point. We all inherently mistrust government. It is my gut feeling that both liberal and conservative alike do not trust the government. On both sides of the political aisle, cries can be heard that the government is intruding on our lives. On both sides of the political aisle, people are tired of having their “rights” infringed (Just which rights each sees as being trampled are completely different). This is what Senator Obama, and other liberals miss. When conservatism is explained properly, that is keeping government out of our lives, we can and should find a lot more common ground with all but the most liberal among us.

Senator Obama has the right question. How do we improve peoples’ lives when so many before have failed? The answer is less government. As Ronald Reagan once said, “Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.”

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