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April 21, 2008

A subject that won’t make the agenda

From the emailbag:

Governor Jim Doyle will depart this week on a business trip to Ireland and the United Kingdom to build relationships with business and government officials and discuss Wisconsin’s leadership in stem cell research and addressing climate change. The Governor will visit Ireland and the UK April 23–28, 2008.

“This trip is an opportunity to strengthen important relationships with business and government officials and promote Wisconsin as a world leader in so many areas, from groundbreaking stem cell research to reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” Governor Doyle said.

I doubt this will happen, but Gov. Doyle should notice the difference in business tax rates between Wisconsin and Ireland, which we reported April 15:
  • Ireland: 12.1 percent.
  • U.S. and Wisconsin combined: 40.1 percent.
If having the 15th highest business tax rate in the world is being a world leader, well, America’s Taxland is already there.

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